Friday, October 5, 2007

Got It

I received my little tiny player in a nice white giftbag. Now I have to learn how to use it!! Good thing I have all weekend.


Well, I thought I was done. But Maurice just came to tell me to fill in my paper log with each individual blog address. That took a few minutes, but it's done.


Wow. Some days I thought I'd never get here. Yeah!!

I'm very glad I persevered. I've learned a lot; but I know all this is only a drop in a very large possibilities bucket. It was good to have my arm twisted a little and to be given an incentive to complete this project.

I think this process could have been made a little simpler. There were some things that didn't apply, and some that were outdated. There was a lot of extraneous data that could be simplified.

I'm glad I learned about all the possibilities. No favorites. And yes, I would gladly do it again. I look forward to the technology of tomorrow.

Thanks to my supervisors for their encouragement and help and for the time to work on this. I can't wait to tell others about some of the potential tools on the web that I would have ignored had this educational experience not been offered.

Thanks to management for having their eyes on the future. Don't fear change.


I watched all 16 Overdrive tutorials.

I tried to access Netlibrary through the HCPL home page/online resources and could not find it. I thought we had Netlibrary. No more?

I played around with the Gutenburg Project. What a wonderful idea! However, these are printed books only, as far as I can tell. No audio feeds.

Downloadable audio books are a wonderful idea and I will follow up more on this. I've gotten too many books on CD out where the discs are damaged. It makes listening a frustrating and haphazard experience. E-audiobooks are the way to go. No scratches.


Well I fumbled my way through the podcasting lesson. I added three podcasts to my podcastalley account and added the RSS feeds to my bloglines aggregator. This seemed much harded than it had to be. There's a lot to choose from; a lot of what appears to be really weird stuff. I'd still like to just get an easy listening music channel like 101.9 that I could listen to while I work. When I searched for easy listening, I got all kinds of weird hits.


Still no e-mail confirmation from I will try again.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I learned that Yahoo Podcasts alerted me that it would be closing it's website on 10/31/07. I told Maurice. I registered with instead. It says I cannot continue until I have responded to my e-mail prompt. As of now, no e-mail has come. Will check again in the morning.